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How can you enhance your reputation with video?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The people you serve are at the heart of your business.

Video is an easy way to showcase and prove your results with case studies and testimonials. Video forges a senses of familiarity and trust, a trust that is essential to build a loyal business community.

With video, you also get to share your clients successes and tell the world how your collaboration made a difference. All of this whilst simultaneously enhancing and promoting both of your brands and offerings.

Here are a few video content tips:

  1. Video multiple testimonials in one location such as an event. Film one client and add written testimonials from others using graphics.

  2. Get your team to say why they love working for you.

  3. Ask affiliates and partners to talk on video about why they work closely with you.

  4. Talk to your success stories about the problems you helped them with and the difference that made.

  5. But most importantly get started to put ‘your message in motion’

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