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How can a video commerical enhance your sales?

Video commercials let you connect with your audience on a deeper level. You can use pre planned images and clever concepts to empathise with their customer journey and prove that you know who you are serving.

Commercials promote a deeper relationship and association with who you are and your understanding of who is watching you. They have the potential to tap into universal themes that appeal to our desires and emotions.

Here are a few video content tips:

  1. Be smart and keep it simple.

  2. Consider using actors to represent your demographic.

  3. Invest in a scriptwriter to come up with a clever idea.

  4. Use a metaphor or a poem to reach the heart of your audience.

  5. Cast children to show that your service or product is .... child’s play and easy to grasp.

  6. Look outside of your business for lifestyle features that resonate with your audience.

  7. Think iconically and symbolically to represents the power of what you do.

  8. But most importantly get started to put ‘your message in motion’

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