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How can you enhance your brand identity with an event video?

Enhance your brand identity, showcase your affiliations and influence your business community with event coverage.

When looking for a video production company to cover your events, ensure that they can work discreetly whilst also being personable and professional with your clients. You can also get your video production company to collect contact details for anyone interested in your products or services.

There is a lot of source footage that can be created at events. A good company will capture presenters and client testimonials with quality audio and stylish visuals whilst also capturing the atmosphere of your event.

Coverage footage of the location, people at the event and also many lifestyle looking images. You want to compliment what your experts and customers say with intelligent images to prove you are a brand to trust and invest in.

Make your video work harder by using your events to capture stock footage that can also be used for twitch, twitter and other short form social media sites. Use each presentation as a separate feature and potential sales commodity.

An event video will be a dynamic promotional tool to showcase your expertise, build you a stronger community and boost your sales and service. Populate social media with facts and promotions using single moving images or a montage of video clips. Google favours testimonial videos so break down your main feature into separate testimonials films to feature on your website. Spend more time talking to camera to covey your knowledge so we can produce cost effective micro features for your social media channels and website.

But most importantly start getting 'your message in motion'.

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