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How can you enhance your customer experience with a welcome video?

The best way to enhance your custom experience is to use a friendly face to present and demonstrate your products, to invite them into the processes and personality of your business.

Here are a few content tips:

  1. Decided how you want to present your business and the level of your humour.

  2. State what you do and who you help in the first 10 seconds.

  3. Explain how you do what you do. Let your employees say why they like working with you recruitment.

  4. Get a testimonial from your customers, ideally three.

  5. Use graphics to add text testimonials similar to those seen in a film trailer. Add a case study to follow your customer journey as you solve their problem.

  6. Say why you are different and the best choice. If you have a great premise then show this to your audience.

  7. But most importantly get started and put your message in motion.

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