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What is your role during the video production process?

When engaging with a video company make sure they consider the level of overview and control you would like to have. You do not need to know what style of video would best suit your campaign or have a complete idea of the direction you need to take. A good company will help you to define this. A producer or account manager will be assigned to you for a consultation to learn about your brand, your campaign vision and to gain a deeper understanding of your video marketing needs. This initial discussion is also a great opportunity to find out more about the resources that you already have. You will be surprised how much money a professional company can save you.

Jade renowned for cutting major budgets by over 60% by identifying internal resources and encouraging staff to present and also perform in video features.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved right from the script through to the editing phase. You will never be expected you to know the technical side of the process, but a great production team will make it fun to learn about film making. Coaching confidence is always the key when making videos and it is confidence that breeds authenticity. For sales and services, authenticity is the most powerful component to establish audience engagement.

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